Flutter App Showcase

Our website showcases the best apps built with Flutter and help developers get started with building their own. From games, to productivity tools, to social media platforms, there are so many ways you can use Flutter!

We want to show the world what can be accomplished by developers in record time using this new framework. You can see how they use Flutter to make beautiful apps and explore what kind of tools, boilerplate codes are available for you to do the same!

If you know a good app made with Flutter, please help us by submit it here.

Apps Built with Flutter

Card Matching Game

This simple yet addictive game will keep you entertained for hours on end. With three different levels of difficulty, you ...
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Believe – Daily Affirmations

Affirmations are words or phrases which tell yourself something in order to believe it and make that thing true for ...
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Trans Color

Trans Color is written in 100% Flutter/Dart code. It shows the capability of the Flutter for image processing with excellent ...
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The Clues – Crossword Puzzles

It currently features 100 original crossword puzzles of varying difficulty with new puzzles being added monthly. Track your progress with ...
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Japanese Reading

Start reading in Japanese today with Reading Japanese! This app is designed for intermediate Japanese learners, with everything you need ...
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This is a special app for you, the savvy traveler, among the many currency converters. When traveling, what you need ...
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Flower Selling App

Are you looking for a new app to sell your flowers? Flower Selling App is the most cool app written ...
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Mooltik is an animation storyboard software that is simple to use and easy to learn. With Mooltik, you can quickly ...
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Introducing Odin. Finally a cross-platform Flutter app made with a breeze and a little hot blood from the heat of ...
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Flutter Template Examples

Flutter is a Google product that enables developers to create apps for web, mobile, and desktop. It simplifies the process ...
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Crochet is more than just a hobby for many people. It's an endless source of creativity and can be one ...
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Shift Work Schedule Planner

Shift Work Schedule Planner is the easiest way to keep your work schedule on track. Whether you are a firefighter, ...
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Taxi Fares Calculator Turkey

The Taxi Fares in Turkey display the passengers traveling by taxi how much their trip will cost, how long it ...
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Battle of Crypto

Battle of Crypto is a great way to learn about trading without risking any money. You'll be competing with real ...
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Anytime Player

Anytime Podcast Player is a free and open-source podcast player that's meant to be simple and user-friendly. Anytime will be ...
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Corona Spectator

You're not prepared. Now you are. For the whole world to see, Corona Spectator is an app dedicated to providing ...
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Dictionary & Trainer

The app combines a dictionary and a word training app. It provides you with translations from Wiktionary (English / German) ...
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Cards Matching

Cards Matching is a memory game build with Flutter for Android. In addition to classic finding pairs of cards there ...
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2Tight is a calorie tracker! With this app, it's easy to see what food you're consuming and how many calories ...
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Moonfty is the social NFT exploration app with which you share and sell your digital items in a safe and ...
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6am UI Kit has everything you need to build an app with Flutter. It's the biggest kit currently available on ...
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Having a DevKit might be the best decision you'll make today! Make all your developer dreams come true with this ...
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Quantz is a new Flutter app for anime fans. It notifies you of latest episodes, let's you follow series and ...
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Wooble Social Media App

Wooble has a simple and easy to use interface, with some of the best features in any social media platform ...
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