acelords’s flutter-starter-kit

A Flutter starter application that utilizes the BLoC Pattern.


​Acelords’s Flutter Starter Kit is the perfect way to get started building your own beautiful and functional applications. BLoC Pattern? What’s that, you ask? Put simply, it is a progressive architectural pattern for composing systems using micro-services or short-lived domain models. You can create view templates with dynamic data fields with live updates without refreshing the entire application whenever something changes – which happens quite often these days.

A customization feature lets you change theme colors based on user preference while reusing code snippets to make your coding experience more pleasant! With two starter samples and a step by step guided tutorial, you will be well equipped for success as soon as this package arrives!

  • Centralized place to manage your application’s colors/branding (lib > utils > styles)
  • Centralized place to manage your application’s constants/url/keys (lib > utils > constants)
  • BLoC Pattern when fetching and posting data over the internet.
  • Logically & Naturally organized files & folders.
    • api – hold all your common api concerns (ApiBaseHelper, ApiResponse, AppException)
    • blocs – hold all your blocs (Streams – provide data to the views. relate to controllers in Laravel)
    • models – hold all your models (relate to models in Laravel)
    • repositories – hold all your repositories (CRUD operations)
    • responses – hold all your responses
    • utils – hold all your utility files
    • views – hold all your views/ui (relate to views in Laravel)
      • partials – hold all your commonly used widgets (ApiError, Loading)
  • Google AdMob ready
  • Firebase FCM ready

Sample pages included:

  • Splash Screen
  • Intro Screens (when app installed)
  • Homepage
  • About
  • Rate App
  • Refer a Friend
  • Login
  • flutter tips (Sample content page)
  • Unknown Page (The fallback page when router doesn’t find page specified in navigation)
  • Movies List (Demonstrates BLoC Pattern when fetching a list of movies)

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