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Best Flutter Text Packages

One of the benefits of using Flutter is its rich graphical system, which makes it easy for developers to make their app look great with very little effort. To help you get started, we’ve put together this roundup of some of our favorite packages and libraries for creating beautiful text layouts with Flutter!


A TypeAhead widget for Flutter, where you may display suggestions to users as they key in input value. It is a good widget which can be used as autocomplete field.


Rather than using a breakpoint attribute, Flutter’s text widget automatically resizes text to match the edges of its container.


This is a simple plugin for making blinking text. It allows you to control the length of a blink and how many times text blinks before stopping.


A flutter package project with a variety of interesting and gorgeous text animations.


If you’re looking for a Flutter package that allows text to expand and collapse dynamically, I recommend this one.


This is a Flutter plugin that provides speech to text recognition on a per-device basis.


This is a Markdown editor for Flutter. Convert data in plain text with basic Markdown tags into rich text output, such as text styles, tables, links, and more.


This technique enables you to create a customised Text widget with formatted text, using tags. It makes it simpler to utilize formatted text in multilingual apps.


For easy and customisable search term highlight, apply emphasis to flutter text at the character level.


The Flutter plugin for adding a delicate stroke to a Text widget. Android, iOS, and Web versions are available.


A Flutter package that makes it simple to add skeleton text animation to a project. This project is maintained by the 101Loop community.

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