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Best Flutter Date & Calendar Packages

One of the most important aspects of a business is their ability to keep track of dates. If you are in charge of organizing your company’s events, then you know how difficult it can be when people don’t show up! This blog post will discuss some popular packages for both flutter date and calendar management so that you never have to worry about remembering an event again.


The date_format is an easy-to use API that provides several constants for building your own Date format string. Use the `formatDate` method to create customised dates, and be sure they look good on any device!

It provides various constants that you can use when building your Date string with the formatDate method, so it’s easy and quick!


The latest release of Jiffy, a Flutter date-time package inspired by momentjs for parsing, manipulating, querying, and formatting dates.

This library made it easy to deal with the complexities that come with dealing in such an abstracted way of keeping track date and time.


The Flutter Date Range Picker widget allows users to quickly and easily select dates. It has four built-in views that allow you to browse through your desired range with just a few clicks of the mouse, making it easy for everyone!


Display a date or clock dialog using a Flutter widget named date_time_picker, which is a Flutter widget to display a date time form field.


With a calendar custom widget, you can select dates from the range of your choice. Choose between different styles and layouts for an easy-to use interface that is both beautiful as well informative!


With the table calendar Flutter package, you can change how much information is displayed so things fit on your screen. It also has an extensive API with configurable styling along with locale support for events and holidays. It’s easy to use, so whether you’re a UI designer or just someone looking for a simple calendar tool, this might be the perfect app!

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