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8 Best Flutter Animation Packages

As a developer, you want to make sure that your app not only looks great but also performs well. Traditional animation libraries like Flutter and React Native provide an easy way for developers to create animations without having to write code from scratch. However, this can be difficult with the large number of different packages available on the market today. To help you decide which is best for your project, we’ve compiled a list of our top five favorite Flutter animation packages!


Flutter Animate is a library that makes it simple to add almost any kind of animated effect in Flutter. The library comes with a variety of pre-built effects, like fade, scale, slide, blur, shake, shimmer, and color effects (saturation and tint), that can be easily added to your app.

In addition, Flutter Animate simplifies the process of creating custom animated builders, making it easy to synchronize animations with scroll events, notifiers, or anything else. With its unified API and integrated events, Flutter Animate is the ideal solution for your animation needs.


The new curved navigation bar is a stunning addition to any mobile apps. You can adjust its color, background and animation curve for your desired look! It even comes with customizable animations that will suit you perfectly so don’t miss out on this one!


Animations are a great way to add style and animation into your app. With simple_animations, you can create custom animations in no time! No need for stateful widgets or complicated code – just select properties from the widget that will be animated then click “Animate.”

You’ll have access not only standard start/finish states but also different fade-in/out speeds depending what effect (elegance) best applies here.


The shimmer animation package does an excellent job at loading your screens with a playful flair. Equip your project with this skeleton loader widget to make the animations as whimsical as you desire.

Shimmer is very popular among developers as the default animation for skeleton loaders and placeholder widgets. As a result, having an easy-to-use, yet modifiable widget accessible for Android, iOS, and the Web gives developers a leg up by allowing them to focus on their actual functionality rather than the loading process.


With this library, you may combine any animation with the versatile and easy-to-use animations.

There is no need to use intervals or calculations of percentages. Animate the same variable with more than one animatable! You only need one AnimationController. The interface is intuitive and easy to use.


Animated is a very simple (but powerful) animation library for Flutter. It can create an animation from one value to another when you do not need to use an AnimatedContainer.


The Spring Flutter animation kit is a powerful, yet simple prebuilt package for developers who want to build faster apps.


This library contains a collection of some cool and awesome text animations. It supports Rotate, Fade, Typer, Typewriter, Scale, Colorize, TextLiquidFill, Wavy, Flicker, and custom Animations.

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