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Flutter App Showcase

Flutter is a cutting-edge web and mobile development framework that allows developers to build high-quality applications for both platforms with a single codebase.

Our website showcases the best apps built with Flutter and helps developers get started with building their own. From games to productivity tools, to social media platforms, there are so many ways you can use Flutter!

We want to show the world what can be accomplished by developers in record time using this new framework. You can see how they use Flutter to make beautiful apps and explore what kind of tools and coding projects are available for you to do the same!

  • If you are looking for resources to develop games in Flutter, you can visit the Games In Flutter website.

If you know a good app made with Flutter, please help us by submitting it here.

Apps Built with Flutter

The developer wrote this App 2Tight to track his weight loss. Flutter was the perfect option. And the Word Cloud instead of the basic CRUD interface is pretty unique.
6am UI Kit has everything you need to build an app with Flutter. It’s the biggest kit currently available on the market, containing 12 complete apps templates and 550+ screens covering dozens of use cases.
acelords’s flutter-starter-kit
A Flutter starter application that utilizes the BLoC Pattern.
AirDash is a file-sharing app that makes it easy to send files to any device, from anywhere. With support for all major platforms and app stores, AirDash is the ultimate way to share files with friends, family, and colleagues.
AllegroPDF is a PDF reader tailored explicitly for music sheets. Dive into the world of sheet music with a specialized, open-source application designed to enhance your musical experience.
Anytime Player
Anytime Podcast Player is a free and open-source podcast player that’s meant to be simple and user-friendly. Anytime will be Podcasting 2.0 compatible once the software is further developed, which will allow for more features.
Aphinity is a streamlined way to platonically meet people and grow your network. Get new matches every day via common interests, participate in discussions, and join communities.
If you’re looking for an open-source alternative to Notion, look no further than AppFlowy. You are in complete control of your data and customizations, and it’s built using Flutter and Rust for stability and performance.
AppPainter – Material Theme Editor
Configure and generate Material theme on Web or Desktop!
Athle-Sense is a wellness tracking app designed specifically for athletes. The app helps athletes monitor their physical and emotional wellness on a daily basis, providing valuable insights into when they may need to add extra training sessions or take a break to avoid overexertion.
Battle of Crypto
Battle of Crypto is a great way to learn about trading without risking any money. You’ll be competing with real people who are playing on the same virtual market as you.
Believe – Daily Affirmations
The strength of affirmations is that you may change your pessimistic ideas into optimistic ones.
It gives you recommendations based on the reviews of people whose taste you trust, so you can always find something good to watch.
BlackHole is a new-generation music player that has been developed with Flutter technologies. It offers the best streaming quality so you hear all of your favourite songs, and also provides a sleek design for viewing trending albums and other cool aspects like syncing your personal records to playlists.
Block Breaker
A brick breaker game
Blog Post Dashboard
This is a simple project showcasing how to use the flutter markdown package as well as showcase how to use controllers and setState() to edit instantly and preview your .md file. The project is made with Flutter.
Bob Box
You control Bob, a simple guy who enjoys bouncing from one side to another on his little world. But dangers inhabit this place and you must use your skills to help him avoid getting hurt.
Break Guns Using Gems!
In BGUG, a tiny robot needs to go through the obstacles and collect gems. You are in control of the robot.
Calculator App
This is a simple calculator written in Flutter.
Card Matching Game
A card-matching game made with Flutter.
Cards Matching
Cards Matching is a memory game build with Flutter for Android. In addition to classic finding pairs of cards there are few game modes like swap mode where cards are changing its positions after mistake and remember mode when you have limited tries.
Cashew is a slick app for getting a grip on your finances. Created with Flutter tech, it makes managing your money across different gadgets a breeze.
Chromicle’s Flutter UI/UX Examples
10+ flutter(android, ios) UI design examples
Color Mixer
Color Mixer is a game made with Flame engine. Mix 2 colors to break the obstacles!
Corona Spectator
You’re not prepared. Now you are. For the whole world to see, Corona Spectator is an app dedicated to providing information about COVID-19 in real time that includes news updates and important statistics.
CounTime is an uncomplicated yet handy Android app that lets you track time. What’s awesome about it? It’s entirely open source.
Row counter and yarns for crochet.
Crypto App
With the Flutter Crypto app, you can keep track of price movements in a lot of different currencies and the market simultaneously. It also has an optional light or dark theme, so you can stay up-to-date with ease.
CryptoGraph provides you with the latest data and figures for more than 2,500 cryptocurrencies.
dailyQ is a good app for Android users looking to live a more enlightened and motivated life!
Darkness Dungeon
This is a demo for Bonfire package, a RPG maker made with Flame.
Dasher is a new Twitter client built using Flutter and clean architecture. Dasher is designed to be simple and streamlined, with a focus on top features and performance.
Having a DevKit might be the best decision you’ll make today! Make all your developer dreams come true with this one product. You’ll never have to worry about finding features ever again because you’ve got everything at your fingertips – literally!
DevWidgets is a handy toolkit for developers, directly inspired by DevToys. It includes various tools like generators, formatters, and converters.
Dictionary & Trainer
Dictionary & Trainer (beta) is a Flutter app and is now available on the Google Play Store.
Dino Run
Dino Run is an endless side scrolling game where you play as a cute little dino.
Domino Yatzy
Domino Yatzy is the newest and most exciting spin on the classic dice game, Yatzy. With Domino Yatzy, you are in full control of the game.
A desktop Youtube music app!
E-commerce UI Kit – Bags
Designing an e-commerce site is never easy. With dozens of plugins available to help you create the perfect online store, it can seem overwhelming.
EthVoting Time
EthVoting Time is a dApp to voice your opinion on who should be the next Adventure Time character. All you have to do is fill your MetaMask wallet with ETH from the Rinkebey network and then vote.
Event Anything
This is an event website where people can get updates of new events held recently to book event and query about the event.
EZ Tickets Cinema
Nueplex Cinemas’ ticket booking software.
Manga downloader and reader for mobile.
Fatima Prayers
The Fatima Prayers app was designed to help believers spread devotion and make reparations in Jesus Christ’s name.
Fedi for Pleroma and Mastodon
A beautiful and lightweight Pleroma and Mastodon client.
FireKart is a shopping app built using Flutter, and it’s powered by Firebase. This app aims to provide an exceptional shopping experience
Flower Selling App
A Flower Shop app with Firebase for database backend.
Flutter Drawing Board
The drawing app uses Flutter’s vector graphics engine, Skia, to draw shapes on the screen. Users can scribble and also draw shapes such as lines, polygons, ellipses, and rectangles.
Flutter Portfolio
Flutter Portfolio is an easy-to-use portfolio template made with Flutter for the web. It includes pages for an about section, projects, and a profile, so you can customize it to fit your needs.
Flutter Template Examples
Flutter widget examples with source code!
Flutter Web Portfolio
Flutter Portfolio is a portfolio website created using Flutter web. The site is responsive, meaning it will adjust to look great on any screen size.
Flutterdle is a fun and challenging word game that is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.
An app written in Flutter shows a personally curated collection of fonts. The app showcases a variety of fonts that are suitable for pairing with your text or image. Uses the Fontgen API to display and pair fonts.
A recipe app with API from TheMealDb. GitHub Food Recipe is a Flutter app that presents information about food recipes
Food Store UI
This Food Store UI contains 2 screens: Home and Detail.
Free Reads
Free Reads is an app that curates books reviewed by the New York Times. With Free Reads, you can browse books and download them from Libgen if you’re interested.
FreeBuddy is a Huawei Freebuds 4i headphones companion app designed to make the user’s experience more efficient and convenient.
Frenchie Games website
Frenchie Games is a website that features different mobile games made by the company. The website is built using Flutter, which helps to create a great presentation of the different games.
Frosty for Twitch
Frosty is a new Twitch client for iOS and Android that offers a number of features that make it worth considering for mobile streamers.
Fwitter is your very own version of Twitter, fully recreated using Flutter and Firebase. This project incorporates a variety of features for a rich user experience while operating through Firebase for user sign-in, live updates, and data management.
Ghost Rigger
Cyberpunk-inspired puzzle game prototype created with Flutter and Flame
Gnotes is a simple note-taking app being developed in Flutter. It aims to provide a genuine Gnome-like experience, complete with all the benefits of Flutter – from animations to state management, null safety, and the potential to port across multiple platforms.
A simple news reader for Hacker News.
HADWIN is a prototype of a fund transfer app built with Flutter. Using HADWIN, users can send and receive money, as well as pay for goods and services.
Hakyuu Puzzle
Ripple Effect Puzzle is a free game. It tests your math and logic. If you like Sudoku puzzles, you will love Ripple Effect Puzzle!
The official app of the hit Broadway musical – Hamilton.
Harpy is a nice Twitter client for busy people who want to stay up-to-date without being bogged down by a complicated interface.
Hotel Booking Mobile Application
This all-in-one property management suite enables you to list unlimited accommodations and services, accept direct online reservations, and synchronize all bookings across OTAs – making your life infinitely easier.
I/O Pinball
A Pinball game built with Flutter and Firebase for Google I/O 2022.
iampawan’s UI Kit
The ultimate collection of app UIs is here. This project takes care of the UI with well-organized and clean code, presenting just the best for you to get your development going faster.
iDFT Calculator and Visualizer
The iDFT Calculator and Visualizer is an Android app designed specifically for college-level students enrolled in digital signal subjects.
With Immich, you can upload and view assets (videos and images), download assets to your local device, and even tag and classify assets using the ImageNet dataset. It also supports HEIC/HEIF backup, real-time render from multi-device uploads, and search by tags and EXIF data.
inKino is the unofficial Finnkino client that’s minimalistic, fast, and delightful to use.
Japanese Reading
A mobile version of to help beginners in Japanese to get more easy to read Japanese content with a quick to use in-app dictionary.
Kelvin’s Portfolio
Introducing, a portfolio website created using the popular Flutter framework. Featuring beautiful designs and interactive interfaces, this website shows Kelvin’s strong drive and technical abilities as a Flutter developer.
A social app to create, share, discover, and organize amazing content.
Lenny Face Keyboard
Flutter Lenny Face Keyboard is a keyboard that lets users choose from thousands of text and Lenny face emojis. From happy to shocked, there is an emoji for every occasion.
leoelstin’s UI Kit
leoelstin’s UI Kit is result of an Udemy course with leoelstin’s own enhances.
LogBook is an internship log book Desktop software. LogBook is the perfect app for any intern looking to get their foot in the door.
lohanidamodar’s UI Challenges
This UI Challenges is a professionally designed Collection of UI. It’s available in Android, iOS, Linux and Web! The UI Kits are perfect for not only getting your designs into production but also serve as great starting points.
This website is dedicated to ASMR – that tingly feeling that feels amazing and leaves you wanting more.
Math Metrix
A math puzzle game.
MeMax is the app for your daily doses of funny memes and killing time, designed by a memer for the memers! Flutter made, using a clean code architecture, MeMax is easy to use and navigate.
Messenger App UI Design
If you’re looking for a messenger App UI Design that is both creative and engaging, look no further than our new Messenger App UI Design. It includes 3 screens: Home, Chat Detail, and Chat List.
Flutter Minesweeper is a minesweeper replica that looks like an old windows 95 application. The goal of the game is to clear all of the mines without detonating any of them.
Minicanva is a bulk quote generator for Instagram that lets you create professional-looking posts with custom fonts, sizes, and backgrounds.
Minimalistic Push
Minimalistic Push is a simple push-up tracker that can track your push-ups in the training mode and see an overview of your sessions.
mitesh77’s UI Kit
A collection of modern UI for medical and travel apps.
MMAS: Money Tracker
As the ideal application for daily expense tracking and financial management, MMAS: Money Tracker offers an optimized service that is free of charge, with no ads or feature restrictions.
The app helps you animate cartoons and create storyboards.
Moonfty is the social NFT exploration app with which you share and sell your digital items in a safe and secure environment.
Music Motivated
Music Motivated is a new web app that helps you learn 60 different scales on 10 different musical instruments. Simply select your instrument then select your desired scale.
My Secure Diary
My Secure Diary is a mobile app designed for safely storing your personal notes and passwords. It uses several layers of security to keep your data safe.
myColorsWeb is a simple color generator that allows you to generate different colors and shades. Built with Flutter, myColorsWeb makes it easy to create beautiful, interactive applications.
Natrium Wallet
Meet Natrium, a quick, sturdy, and safeguarded NANO Wallet that’s now built using Flutter technology.
A clean, and modern note-taking app that has a complex UI, entirely built with Flutter.
Taking notes is an essential part of many people’s lives, whether for work, school, or personal use. Enter Noty: a simple and clean note-taking app made with Flutter.
With Odin there’s no dealing with emails, attachments, passwords, or permissions – just upload it with ease using Android or iOS devices on Wi-Fi, 4G/3G cellular networks, USB cables, or any other sharing mechanism that best fits your needs.
This is a good tool for scanning text from images and PDF documents.
Parissi – Events and activities in Paris
An app that helps to find events in Paris using an open-source database of events.

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