Flutter App Showcase

Our website showcases the best apps built with Flutter and help developers get started with building their own. From games, to productivity tools, to social media platforms, there are so many ways you can use Flutter!

We want to show the world what can be accomplished by developers in record time using this new framework. You can see how they use Flutter to make beautiful apps and explore what kind of tools, coding projects are available for you to do the same!

If you know a good app made with Flutter, please help us by submit it here.

Apps Built with Flutter


CatGPT3 is a Flutter app that integrates the ChatGPT API, allowing users to chat with a powerful language model trained ...
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FreeBuddy is a Huawei Freebuds 4i headphones companion app designed to make the user's experience more efficient and convenient. The ...
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Kelvin’s Portfolio

Introducing kelvinatemiehart.com, a portfolio website created using the popular Flutter framework. Featuring beautiful designs and interactive interfaces, this website shows ...
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MMAS: Money Tracker

As the ideal application for daily expense tracking and financial management, MMAS: Money Tracker offers an optimized service that is ...
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Ruzz is a great app for keeping up with new features and changes in popular programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and ...
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DevWidgets is a handy toolkit for developers, directly inspired by DevToys. It includes various tools like generators, formatters, and converters ...
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zeref278’s flutter_boilerplate

Flutter_boilerplate is a great starting point for anyone looking to create a new Flutter project. It comes with all the ...
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Blog Post Dashboard

This is a simple project showcasing how to use the flutter markdown package as well as showcase how to use ...
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Frenchie Games website

Frenchie Games is a website that features different mobile games made by the company. The website is built using Flutter, ...
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Flutter Web Portfolio

Flutter Portfolio is a portfolio website created using Flutter web. The site is responsive, meaning it will adjust to look ...
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Flutter Drawing Board

The drawing app uses Flutter's vector graphics engine, Skia, to draw shapes on the screen. Users can scribble and also ...
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Block Breaker

Block Breaker is a simple clone of Breakout made with Flutter and Flame engine. The objective of the game is ...
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TubeCards is a spaced-repetition flashcard app that uses the power of YouTube to help you learn. It is easy to ...
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Domino Yatzy

Domino Yatzy is the newest and most exciting spin on the classic dice game, Yatzy. With Domino Yatzy, you are ...
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r/Place is a dedicated subreddit with a blank canvas made up of tiny white pixel grids. On the blank canvas, ...
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myColorsWeb is a simple color generator that allows you to generate different colors and shades. Built with Flutter, myColorsWeb makes ...
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Tiles is a challenging puzzle game that requires you to think a few steps ahead. The object of the game ...
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EthVoting Time

EthVoting Time is a dApp to voice your opinion on who should be the next Adventure Time character. All you ...
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Unofficial Ubuntu Store Flutter

If you're looking for an alternative to Ubuntu's official software client, Unofficial Ubuntu Store Flutter is definitely worth checking out ...
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Music Motivated

Music Motivated is a new web app that helps you learn 60 different scales on 10 different musical instruments. Simply ...
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If you've ever needed to remotely control an Android device from a PC, you know how useful it can be ...
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Taking notes is an essential part of many people's lives, whether for work, school, or personal use. Enter Noty: a ...
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AirDash is a file-sharing app that makes it easy to send files to any device, from anywhere. With support for ...
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Dasher is a new Twitter client built using Flutter and clean architecture. Dasher is designed to be simple and streamlined, ...
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