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Hakyuu Puzzle

A sophisticated variation of Sudoku.

Android | iOS

Ripple Effect Puzzle is a free game. It tests your math and logic. If you like Sudoku puzzles, you will love Ripple Effect Puzzle!

The Ripple Effect puzzle game is strongly related to Suguru, it is also known as Hakyuu, Hakyuu Kouka, Hakyukoka or Seismic. It is a logical puzzle devised by Nikoli, the first puzzle magazine in Japan. The puzzle consists of a rectangular grid with regions that are called rooms.

Each room must be filled with each of the numbers from 1 to the number of cells in the room. If two identical numbers appear in the same row of column, so many cells with other numbers must separate them. For example, if two 4s appear in the same row, then they must be separated by at least 4 cells. Unlike Suguru identical numbers may touch diagonally.

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