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Calculator App

This is a simple calculator written in Flutter.


Don’t you hate the feeling when your tip calculator is not within arm’s reach? Fear no more with Flutter Tip Calculator, a simple solution to easy and speedy calculating!

This is a simple calculator written in Flutter. Wave Curved AppBar at the bottom if that ain’t your style. Plugins are available so sharing between friends and family is just another tap away. With the exclusive ‘Shared Preferences’ plugin, tipping has never been so easy.

It takes just two taps of our finger for trendy people like you to go from zero percent to 100%. It doesn’t matter if you’re eating at restaurant chain Chick-fil-A or fast food favorite Chipotle: Flutter Tip Calculator can do it all!

Flutter Tip Calculator App – a simple calculator that will help calculate the tip. It’s always hard to know what percentage of a suggested tip you should leave, and with our app, it’s as easy as can be! Just enter in the bill amount and we’ll do all the math work for you.

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