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A social app to create, share, discover, and organize amazing content.

Android | iOS

KlasterMe is a social network app that brings great creators, bloggers, and photographers together. KlasterMe is all about connecting people from around the world with shared interests to discover amazing content of their interest online.

If you are a blogger, photographer, or other content creator, KlasterMe provides a platform where you can showcase your creative endeavors for everyone to see. Create and share diverse forms of content like images and articles in order to get recognized and showcased among some of the best minds in this industry today. Discover what’s going on globally by using strategically placed hashtag feeds which rank posts according to popularity so you don’t miss out on any exciting opportunities!

KlasterMe is the place to find, create, and share anything that gets your interests fired up in just one click. Find images, facts, or articles related to your favorite topics. Or create a page for something you’re passionate about and let people know all about it! The possibilities with KlasterMe are endless, just give us one click.

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