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EthVoting Time

dApp for voting favorite Adventure Time characters.


EthVoting Time is a dApp to voice your opinion on who should be the next Adventure Time character. All you have to do is fill your MetaMask wallet with ETH from the Rinkebey network and then vote. The results are displayed in real-time, so you can see who’s winning.

The app is very simple.

  • It enables users to vote for 2 candidates (declared in the smart contract).
  • EthVoting Time also logs and reads how many votes each candidate has.
  • Furthermore, EthVoting Time logs who voted (using voter wallet address) for which candidate.
  • Lastly, EthVoting time checks if the user has already voted and will show a message that they have already voted and can’t vote more than once.

EthVoting Time is built using the Stacked (MVVM) architecture to manage the state in the Flutter app. Solidity is used to write the smart contract, and Infura is used to deploy it.

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