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A clean, and modern note-taking app that has a complex UI, entirely built with Flutter.


Flutter Note gives you access to notes anywhere, even if your phone is dead or not connected. With an account, you can login from any device and work on your notes in a fully functional editor that displays the contents of your notes as they will be displayed for others.

Everything about it has been designed with a user’s needs in mind, from navigation and interactions, to even what kind of detail is given on simply taking a screenshot. It provides an elegant experience that lets users get things done. The interface renders beautifully on any device so your work always looks as good as it can and Flutter Note always feels like home.


  • Create notes: Create notes that are stored locally on the device.
  • Edit notes: Edit notes that were previously created.
  • Pinnable notes: Pin notes to the top of the list.
  • User stats: Stats for the user’s notes such as total notes, words written, etc.
  • Search notes: Filter out notes with the search bar.
  • Tags/Categories: Categorize your notes with tags and access them through the search bar or the tag’s screen.
  • Dark Mode: Light and dark modes that are accustomed to the device’s theme.
  • Complex UI: Modern and complex UI that is visually appealing and functional
  • Local storage: Save your notes to your device.

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