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Simple and useful time-tracking app.

GitHub | Android

CounTime is an uncomplicated yet handy Android app that lets you track time. What’s awesome about it? It’s entirely open source.

What Can You Do with It Now?

  1. Sort Your Time: Arrange all the time entries according to dates.
  2. Manage Entries: Feel like adding, changing, or removing time entries? You can do that.
  3. See Your Day’s Total: Want to know how much time you’ve tracked in a day? It’s a breeze with CounTime.
  4. Use it Anywhere: One of the cool things is that it’s cross-platform.

What’s Coming Next? CounTime’s not stopping there. Here’s what you can expect in future updates:

  1. Exporting Made Easy: You’ll soon be able to save your time entries as a CSV file, and more formats are on the way.
  2. Better Organization: Get ready to sort your entries by different categories.
  3. Smarter Insights: More advanced analytics are planned, like breaking down time based on categories or calculating the average time per day.

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