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BlackHole is a new-generation music player that has been developed with Flutter technologies. It offers the best streaming quality so you hear all of your favourite songs, and also provides a sleek design for viewing trending albums and other cool aspects like syncing your personal records to playlists.

Source Code

BlackHole was built from the ground up to be fast and lightweight – so not only does it look fantastic but it will never skip on buffering no matter how far offshore you are when exploring the world’s infinite playlist combinations! With its advanced search function, users can find their favorite song in just seconds by following tags through artist, album or title. Like all other top-tier apps these days BlackHole integrates an adaptive UI with intuitive drag & drop.


  • Best Streaming Quality (320kbps)
  • Music Search
  • Trending Songs
  • Support 15+ music languages
  • Local and Global Top Spotify Songs
  • Add Songs to Favorite
  • Playlists support
  • Sleep timer
  • Lyrics Support
  • Listening history record
  • Dark mode/accent color
  • Download for offline play (320kbps with ID3 tags)
  • Play Online as well as Offline Songs
  • Auto Update Check
  • No Subscription
  • No Ads

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