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An app written in Flutter shows a personally curated collection of fonts. The app showcases a variety of fonts that are suitable for pairing with your text or image. Uses the Fontgen API to display and pair fonts.

Web | GitHub

The developer also wanted to make his own API and implement Database Storage and File Storage for this app and he did this with the help of Node.js, Express, and Deta.

He has also decided to not share the font files through the app as that is piracy and as a developer and graphics designer, he knows that is very bad for the font designer. So all the fonts are rendered server-side using Puppeteer and then delivered to the app.


  • Beautiful design
  • Supports multiple platforms
  • View fonts in real-time scenarios
  • Filter fonts by type, weight and price
  • Favourite fonts which you like
  • Caching of data on supported platforms to work offline


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