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Math Metrix

A math puzzle game.


Meet “Math Metrix”, a lively brain teaser game built on Flutter and accessible on both Playstore and AppStore. Math Metrix turns your usual math problems into an entertaining journey, perfecting your arithmetic skills along the way.

Games divided into three categories: Math Puzzle, Memory Puzzle, and Train Your Brain.

Math Puzzle Games:

  1. Calculator: Perform basic calculations within a set time limit.
  2. Guess the Sign: Insert the correct mathematical sign to complete the equation.
  3. Correct Answer: Choose the right number to finish an incomplete equation.
  4. Quick Calculation: Race against the clock to solve as many equations as possible.

Memory Puzzle Games:

  1. Mental Arithmetic: Memorize numbers and symbols shown briefly, then perform calculations.
  2. Square Root: Identify the square root of a given number from multiple choices.
  3. Mathematical Pairs: Match equations with their correct answers in a grid.
  4. Math Grid: Select numbers from a 9×9 grid to match a given result.

Train Your Brain Games:

  1. Magic Triangle: Arrange numbers so each side of a triangle adds up to a specific sum.
  2. Picture Puzzle: Each shape corresponds to a number; use this information to solve the final equation.
  3. Number Pyramid: Determine the numbers on upper layers based on the sum of numbers on the layers beneath them.

ber Pyramid”. These games will challenge your logic, requiring you to solve puzzles based on shapes or the relationship between different numbers.

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