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Crypto App

With the Flutter Crypto app, you can keep track of price movements in a lot of different currencies and the market simultaneously. It also has an optional light or dark theme, so you can stay up-to-date with ease. So whether you’re at home or on the go, use Flutter to track your cryptocurrency everywhere.

Source Code

Flutter Crypto App is a mobile app for crypto traders. There are lots of features, including a linear graph view with lots of options to choose from. It’s a light and dark theme so you can switch it up depending on what fits your mood on any given day, and it lets you research the traditional markets around the world if that’s more your flavor. But at this time, our focus is having an API REST (CryptoWatch) as well as other features like OHLC graphs and price alerts!

This app was made by me so I know how people want to trade; quick access to monitoring market data in one easy spot. The interface utilizes contrast colors for easier browsing and readability – also advantageous for those who may have difficulty reading small text.


  • API REST (CryptoWatch)
  • Linear Graph View (Hour, Day, Week, etc)
  • OHLC Graph
  • Search
  • Light / Dark Theme
  • Multi Lenguage
  • Exchange Selection
  • Favorite Pair


  • Flutter 2.2.0
  • Riverpod + Hooks
  • Freezed
  • Dio


  • Unit Testing (flutter_test)
  • Integration Testing (integration_test)
  • Mock Data (http_mock_adapter)
  • Github Actions (iOS & Android Integration Test)


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