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FireKart is a shopping app built using Flutter, and it’s powered by Firebase. This app aims to provide an exceptional shopping experience, and here’s a quick overview of its different sections:

  1. Getting Started:
    • Splash Screen: The first screen you see when you open the app.
    • Login Page: Where you enter your credentials to log in.
    • OTP Page: A one-time-password screen for added security.
  2. Main Shopping Area:
    • Home Page: The landing area with different product categories and promotions.
    • Search Screen: Helps you find specific items quickly.
    • Product Screen: Displays detailed information about a particular product.
  3. Your Shopping Cart:
    • Cart Screen: Lists all the items you’ve selected to purchase.
    • Address Screen: Where you add or choose your shipping address.
    • Add Address Screen: A place to input a new shipping address if needed.
  4. Managing Your Account:
    • Account Screen: Your profile information and settings are here.
    • Edit Details Screen: Modify your personal details and preferences.
    • Orders Screen: Track your past and current orders.
  5. Completing Your Purchase:
    • Payment Screen: The area to enter your payment information and finalize the purchase.

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