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An open source file transfer app for all platforms


AirDash is a file-sharing app that makes it easy to send files to any device, from anywhere. With support for all major platforms and app stores, AirDash is the ultimate way to share files with friends, family, and colleagues.

For maximum privacy and security, AirDash fully encrypts files and transfers them directly between devices. Plus, with its quick start transfers using a native mobile share sheet and drag and drop on a desktop, AirDash is the fastest and most convenient way to send files anywhere.

The app uses Flutter 3.0, which allows for cross-platform compatibility between iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows devices. WebRTC is used for file and data transfers, and the app is also integrated with Firebase Firestore, allowing for real-time signaling and config storage.

In addition, AirDash utilizes Firebase Functions for device pairing and config automation, as well as Firebase Hosting for website and static file hosting. The App Store Connect API and Microsoft Store submission API are used for release automation.

Mixpanel is used for web and app analytics, and Sentry is used for app monitoring and error tracking.

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