Row counter and yarns for crochet

Android | iOS

Crochet is more than just a hobby for many people. It’s an endless source of creativity and can be one of the most satisfying creative outlets you’ll find in your lifetime. To make crocheting even better, this app automatically detects what row you are on, counts all rows completed to this point, automatically notates when there are increases or decreases made in your work pattern.

The app included knit tools too so you can crochet with double-pointed needles! By switching between knitting & crocheting projects, the Crochet app makes following patterns easier than ever before.

The app also includes video tutorials for beginners. Learn to crochet step-by-step tutorials, count your rows correctly and avoid the need for paper charts, access a marketplace at your finger tips where you can find all of your yarn needs without having to leave the house, or even share projects on social media if that’s more up your alley. This one stop shop for crocheters will bring it home every time.

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