Minimalistic Push

Minimalistic Push is a simple push-up tracker which can track your push-ups in the training mode and see an overview of your sessions.

Android | GitHub

This Flutter app for iOS and Android let’s you track your push-up sessions. Noticeaby, the background changes based on the user’s latest performance and also improves readability for the settings and the session overview. You are also able to change the theme to your liking.

Minimalistic Push is a new app on the market that offers you custom tailored advice for your fitness goals. With this product, you will stay in shape with minimal effort and get inspired by stunning animations each time you use it.

Exercise has never been easier! Minimalistic Push is a new app tips on how to reach your fitness goals effortlessly, without pushing yourself too hard or risking injury during routine exercises like squats or crunches with instructions adapted to meet individual needs. The challenge of physical exercise becomes so much more enjoyable when animated scenes put everything into perspective: getting fit just got fun!

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