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iDFT Calculator and Visualizer

An assist tool for college level students enrolled in digital signal subjects,

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The iDFT Calculator and Visualizer is an Android app designed specifically for college-level students enrolled in digital signal subjects. Its primary goal is to assist students in cross-verifying their calculations for Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT), Inverse Discrete Fourier Transform (IDFT), and Rx2FFT problems.

Here are the key features of the iDFT Calculator and Visualizer:

  1. Dynamic List of n-Points: The app provides a dynamic list where users can add or remove points in an intuitive manner. This flexibility allows students to experiment with different input signals of varying lengths.
  2. Supported Operations: The app supports three fundamental operations – DFT, IDFT, and Rx2FFT. Students can perform these operations on their input signals to analyze and understand the frequency domain representation of the signals.
  3. Padding Safety: When calculating the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) using the Rx2 algorithm, the app automatically ensures padding of the input signal to the nearest power of 2 (2^n). This padding safety feature ensures accurate and reliable results, eliminating potential errors caused by non-power-of-2 input lengths.
  4. Interactive Output Signal Visualization: The iDFT Calculator and Visualizer provide an interactive output signal visualization feature. The results of the DFT, IDFT, or Rx2FFT operations are displayed on a stem graph, allowing students to visualize the frequency components and their magnitudes. This graphical representation aids in comprehending the transformation process and verifying the accuracy of their calculations.

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