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Twitter clone


Fwitter is your very own version of Twitter, fully recreated using Flutter and Firebase. This project incorporates a variety of features for a rich user experience while operating through Firebase for user sign-in, live updates, and data management.

Think of Fwitter as your personal Twitter playground. It provides different sign-in options such as using your Google account, or the traditional email and password method. Once signed in, you’re welcomed by a timeline filled with tweets from those you follow.

Let’s get into the impressive features:

  • Ever versatile, Fwitter lets you log in using either your email, password, or even Google account.
  • Follow your favorite users and enjoy their tweets directly on your home timeline.
  • Look out for the verified badges – they vouch for a user’s authenticity.
  • Each tweet is a mini-universe – explore them for user details, timestamps, and likes.
  • Spark or join engaging dialogues via comments and nested threads.
  • Stay ahead with real-time alerts on likes and comments – never miss a beat!
  • Fwitter lets your thoughts flow. Go ahead and compose succinct, impactful tweets.
  • Spice up your posts! Add images and videos to bring your words to life.
  • Step into others’ digital worlds by exploring their profiles, or make yours stand out.
  • Chat instantly with fellow Fwitter-ers – connection is just a message away.
  • Notifications keep you informed about likes and mentions. You’ll always be in the loop.
  • Tap into the vibe of the moment with trending hashtags and search features. Discover, connect, and join the global conversation.

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