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Ghost Rigger

Cyberpunk-inspired puzzle game prototype created with Flutter and Flame


The developers created a prototype for a cyberpunk-inspired puzzle game using Flutter and Flame. They imagined how players might immerse themselves in the world through dialogue choices and interactions with NPCs while solving puzzles across futuristic cities? Who knows what could happen next!

The game is set in a dystopian future:

In the year 2078, the megacorporation Native Development Initiative, aka NDI, rules the Earth.

While they look for new evil ways to increase their margins and satisfy their never-ending greed, a group of hackers are trying to stop them. They call themselves Unanymous.

Within them, those who focus their efforts on fighting against NDI’s injustices are known as ghost riggers.

In Ghost Rigger, the player will become a ghost rigger. They’ll need to solve puzzles to progress and discover their story while they’re at it.


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