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Color Mixer

Color Mixer is a game made with Flame engine. Mix 2 colors to break the obstacles!


Do you love doing puzzles and minimalist games? then the Color Mixer Game is for you! All of the game pieces are pre-mixed into scrumptiously rich colors. In this game, players mix different colors together in a fun and charming experiment to see what they come up with. They’ll be mesmerized as they watch these awesomely beautiful colors turn their screen into one colorful display!

Step 1. Tap 2 color cards in the bottom to mix them into a new color (average of r,g, and b values).
Step 2. Player becomes the same color of the mixed one.
Step 3. If the player’s color is the same as a line, it flies toward that block with that same color.

The game is made simple so there are 4 colors which can be used as base to mix. Watch incoming obstacle’s color to mix the right combo to pass it!

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