Believe – Daily Affirmations

The strength of affirmations is that you may change your pessimistic ideas into optimistic ones.

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Affirmations are words or phrases which tell yourself something in order to believe it and make that thing true for you! You’ll want an affirmation related specifically to what kind of life goal is closest at hand: “I am now living my best self!” If there was some event recently where someone said something mean but didn’t actually know them well, then try using one word as their affirmation instead like this–“love.”

Belive is the perfect app for anyone looking to add a little more positivity and affirmation into their life. With thousands of affirmations in dozens of categories, you’re sure to find the perfect one for every moment. Plus, with our unique Magic Center, you can focus and visualize your affirmations in fun and engaging ways. And if that’s not enough, the app also has more than 200 beautiful themes to choose from to create your own art!

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