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Manga downloader and reader for mobile.


Fanga is a complete manga reading experience for Android and iOS, with free manga downloads made easy. Let your imagination run wild on online sites like Lelscan or Readman today to find the right genre, series, and story just for you. Or if you prefer to go off of memory lane too, we are working hard to add local downloads so you can have all those precious volumes without taking up space in your tablet pocket!

With in-depth scanning and basic formatting, Fanga has never been easier to use. With features like a customizable reader with multiple viewers, reading directions and other settings, and light or dark themes depending on how you prefer to read – this is the manga app for all your needs. No more searching for the perfect manga or flipping through the pages looking for something that catches your attention. Immerse yourself in an endless adventure without ever leaving home!

The app supports both light and dark themes.

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