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flutter_floatwing: Create Floating Icon for Android

Flutter_floatwing is a new plugin that makes it easier to create floating/overlay windows for Android. The plugin allows developers to create an overlay window with a few simple lines of code, and the resulting window can be used to display any content desired.

The flutter_floatwing package is a great way to create overlay windows in your Flutter app. The package features pure Flutter, simple one-line code, auto resize, multi-window support, communicable main App, and event mechanisms. The package makes it easy to create and control your overlay windows. You can write your entire Flutter app in pure Flutter with the flutter_floatwing package.

The simple one-line code makes it easy to start your overlay window. The package automatically resizes for Android view. The package supports multiple overlay windows in one app. The package also supports communication between your main app and your windows. The event mechanism lets you fire events of the window lifecycle and other actions like dragging. You can control your window with the flutter_floatwing package.


// check and grant the system alert window permission.
FloatwingPlugin().checkPermission().then((v) {
    if (!v) FloatwingPlugin().openPermissionSetting();

// initialize the plugin at first.
// define window config and start the window from config.
WindowConfig(route: "/my-overlay-window") 
    .to() // create a window object
    .create(start: true); // create the window and start the overlay window.

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