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A collaborative pixel drawing app

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r/Place is a dedicated subreddit with a blank canvas made up of tiny white pixel grids. On the blank canvas, Reddit users can place colored pixels once every five minutes, forming a giant piece of art. Every five minutes, another color is added to the palette, and users can choose to keep their original color or switch to the new one. Pixel by pixel, a beautiful and intricate mosaic unfolds.

What happens when you put thousands of people in a room with a blank canvas and a limited palette of colors? The result is something like Pixorama, a multi-user pixel editor inspired by Reddit’s iconic “Place” experiment. With Pixorama, anyone can join in and add their own unique brushstrokes to the ever-evolving artwork.

The app demonstrates the real-time capabilities of Serverpod, allowing users to collaborate in real-time regardless of location. It is a complete example and you can try it out at Whether you’re an experienced artist or just somebody who likes to doodle, Pixorama is a fun and easy way to create beautiful pixel art with friends.

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