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Quiz for Web

A quiz app is written in Flutter. Answers are typed in instead of multiple choices.

GitHub | Demo

Fulfill your life with a bit of trivia. The developer made this app for the web, but it also works on mobile devices. It has lists and quizzes which are stored in JSON files with text or image questions that are located in an assets folder. Tap to answer and tap the answered letter to undo if you get it wrong!

  • Data in JSON files – Quiz content is stored in JSON files which allows dynamic changes from files instead of code.
  • Support Image type – The app supports both text and image question types. It allows more choices for developers to increase the quiz’s engagement.
  • Provider – The app uses Provider as state management.
  • Answer by tapping – An answer’s characters are listed as a button. Tap them in the correct order to input the answer. Those can be undone by tapping them again.

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