Reflectly: Diary, Gratitude Journal & Mood Tracke

Android | iOS

Reflectly is an application that helps you with your mental health. You can write down your feelings, like if you are happy or sad. Reflectly helps you to talk about the things that are bothering you and make them better. It also teaches meditation and good thoughts.

Reflectly is the most rewarding journaling app you’ll ever use. Vent your thoughts and feelings to track your mood and increase happiness. Get personalized insights into how you feel every morning, not just in reflective times when things are tough. Build a supportive community of like-minded journalers and learn about yourslef no matter where you are or what device you have with Reflectly App for iOS and Android!

Explore your inner thoughts and feelings with the world’s first intelligent journal app. Log in daily to track your mood, vent your deepest thoughts, get personalized insights & affirmations more you use it. It’s like having a deep conversation with yourself- only much more forgiving. Reflectly can be powerful therapy for anyone looking for new ideas or ways to improve their life.

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