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Responsive Admin Panel UI Kit

Flutter Responsive Admin Panel or Dashboard UI Kit


With the Flutter UI Kit, building your app dashboard has never been easier. The UI kit comes complete with almost everything you need, including a chart, table and small card for showing information to your users. This all-inclusive dashboard is perfect for professionals looking to create a polished look in minutes instead of hours by doing it themselves from scratch. With many aesthetically pleasing components that will keep you inspired through any creative loss – this package will be enticing if you’re on the market for more features or want an expanded library of beautifully crafted widgets for your existing projects!

With the Responsive Admin Panel UI Kit you can finally stop worrying about your app suite’s usability and front-end optimization. The developer has designed an admin panel out of all that is best in dashboard design so now, with this fully responsive UI kit, anyone will be able to build their own dashboard for their company efficiently.

To make your workload easier the kit provides templates to reflect how the admin panel might look in a responsive design/layout for different screen sizes and screens (iPad vs iPhone). There is more than just this! With amazing features included there will be no stopping of creativity gone wild from here!

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