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Shift Work Schedule Planner

A calendar app for shift workers.


Shift Work Schedule Planner is the easiest way to keep your work schedule on track. Whether you are a firefighter, nurse, lineman, or deputy sheriff, this handy application will help you adjust to your constantly changing schedule with ease. All it takes is one tap of the screen and you have all your shifts displayed neatly on an easy-to-navigate calendar layout.

With just a few taps on each day of the week, Shift Work Schedule Planner shows even difficult schedules in plain sight – so there’s never any confusion about when to take time off!

No more crossing out days on paper calendars or taking time away from work because you forgot what was happening next! If you are looking for an app that caters exclusively to shift workers but

This app has its own collection of pre-defined shift schedule patterns that you can right away. You may either establish a unique shift pattern and use it, or modify and edit the pre-configured ones if your shift work does not fall into any of the provided templates.

The app also includes a date search tool that allows you to see if you’re supposed to work on a certain day in the future, as well as compare calendars with coworkers.


  • Create or utilize pre-made, completely configurable shifts.
  • Enter your income, hourly rate, and working hours.
  • Make it colorful and cheerful by choosing different colors and symbols.
  • Write a note for a shift or alter its description if necessary.
  • Put as many shifts on any date as you want.
  • To add shifts quickly for longer periods, use preset shift.

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