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Spooky – Write Story & Diary

Spooky is a minimalist design application to write stories, journals, notes, diaries, todo, etc with Material U design.

GitHub | Android | iOS

Spooky is a minimalist design application that makes writing easy and fun. With Material U design, Spooky offers more than 10+ colors to pick from to personalize your experience. Additionally, for Android starting from version 12, you can also enable dynamics that are based on your home wallpaper.

Spooky supports both dark and light modes with more than 1300 fonts offered by Google Fonts. But that’s not all! When it comes to story customization, Spooky has you covered with more than 25 options starting from bold, italic, underline to list, quote block, code, images, link, etc. So why not give Spooky a try today and see how it can help you write the story of your life?

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