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Super Dash

A platformer game

GitHub | Demo

“SuperDash” is a fun, side-scrolling game where you play as Dash, a cute hummingbird crafted by the Flutter dev team.

In this game, your adventure involves leaping over various hurdles, steering clear of enemies, and grabbing as many acorns as you can along the way.

Super Dash uses Flame. While you can create basic casual games using Flutter alone, Flame takes it a step further by giving you more tools for developing games that need things like a game loop, collision detection, and maps.

Super Dash goes beyond the standard Flame Template that’s available in the Casual Games Toolkit. It does this by integrating the Leap project, which is also open-source and was created by Kurtome, a member of the Flame Community.

One neat thing to note is that all physical objects in the game have rectangular hitboxes. These hitboxes are defined based on the object’s size and position, and they might not necessarily match exactly with how the object looks visually. This design choice significantly enhances the game’s playability.

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