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The Best Authentication Packages for Flutter

In the era of cyber security, it is very important for a company to have a solid authentication package. In this blog post, we will discuss the best packages available for Flutter.

Having an authentication package is very important for any app, especially if the user information is sensitive. One reason that motivated me to create this article is that some users have contacted me asking if there were any packages available for authentication in Flutter. Even though there are many articles and Github repositories with authentication packages for Flutter, none of them was a complete package.

I will try to cover the most important authentication packages, list their main features and show how they can be integrated into a flutter project. I hope that after reading this article you will have an idea of which one is the best for your next Flutter app.


A Google Sign-In authentication system for signing in with a Google account on Android and iOS using the Flutter plugin.


The library deploys a HTTP basic or digest authentication from Dart.


The Flutter plugin for Firebase Auth enables Android and iOS authentication using passwords, phone numbers, and identity providers like Google, Facebook, and Twitter.


Using the Flutter plugin for Android and iOS devices, you may now enable local authentication with fingerprint, touch ID, face ID, passcode, pin, or pattern.


Fresh, which is a package:dio module for refreshing authentication tokens without affecting page load speed. Fresh is built on top of package:dio and handles authentication tokens transparently.


After pressing the number keys, you may need to type in your personal Pin code (OTP) text field. It supports custom numpads as well.

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