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The Best Bottom Bar Packages for Flutter

The Flutter Bottom Bar is a new design pattern that has been popping up on the web and mobile. It’s an innovative way to display content in a mobile-friendly way, but it can be hard to find the right package for your needs.

There are so many different packages out there and they all have their own pros and cons. We’ve compiled this list of our favorite bottom bar packages for you!


The ConvexAppBar is a Flutter package that creates and shows a convex tab in the bottom bar. Theming is supported.


For Flutter, a complete, highly configurable bottom navigation bar that is persistent/static and can be used for any application. It has up to 20 different styles.


Another bottom navigation bar, but this one includes a few key features.


You may make use of the Builder for creating a custom bottom navigation bar widget that is animated. You can modify tab view however you want with AnimatedBottomNavigationBar.builder.


Bottom app bar with expandable sheet is Animatable. Use this package if you want a cool expandable bottom bar!


This package lets you build a floating button that builds the BottomSheet widget on every page.


There’s a huge difference between bounce and animation. The bottom navigation is attractive and lively. You may personalize it to fit your current theme.


On change, the Flutter bottom navigation bar widget with snake animation appears.


The Google-inspired, modern navigation bar may be used as a bottom menu bar or tabbar, and the design follows cuberto UI/UX on dribbble precisely.

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