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The Best Flutter Packages for Excel and Word

Flutter is a cross-platform mobile development framework that is open source and free to use. It allows users to develop high quality native interfaces for both iOS and Android with just one codebase. Developing a high-quality native interface for both iOS and Android with just one codebase is not easy.

In this article, we will explore some of the best Flutter packages for Excel and Word. These packages allow developers to create beautiful charts in Excel or add interactive features to Word documents like adding hyperlinks or creating tables. They are all free and open source so you can use them on your next project!


This is a Flutter and Dart library for reading, creating, editing, and updating Excel sheets on both the client and server sides.


This package is a conversion tool that allows you to convert your excel spreadsheet into the following structure: JSON and SQLite.


A small, lightweight library for processing and updating spreadsheet files


A tool for generating Excel XLSX files


The library generates a docx file based on the template file. You’ll have to learn how to use Microsoft Word’s content control tags in order to utilize the library. LibreOffice and other office programs don’t support content control tags, so they’re out of luck.


The file view widget supports a wide range of file types, such as PDF, Excel, PPT, and TXT on Android; WKWebView is used on iOS.


doctpl is a simple word document template plugin that allows you to rapidly populate and generate word documents from templates.

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