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The Best Router and Navigation Packages for Flutter

Flutter is a new framework for Android that makes it easy to create apps with complex, nested hierarchies. Flutter has been getting rave reviews from the developer community and we’re excited about this new tool. But before you start building your next app, you need to make sure you have the right router package in place.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite packages below so that you can get started on your next project without any worries!


Fluro is a Flutter routing library that provides custom routing capabilities such as wildcards, named parameters, and clear route definitions.


The Router and Navigator’s Pages API, aka “Navigator 2.0,” enables you to traverse guarded page stacks and URLs via the Router and Navigator.


Supports URL parameters, nested routers, and router constructions generated from source annotations in addition to the shelf web-framework’s convenient request router.


Navigator 2.0 is a simple-to-use router for the web, mobile, and desktop. URL-based navigation, easy tab and nested route handling.


A package that helps you plan your project’s routes. Nested routes are possible. It is possible to navigate between pages without context.


No boilerplate. No code generation. There are no classes in this method. It’s just yeet!


A navigation package that makes using and routing on all platforms simple. It is based on Navigator 2.

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