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A Spaced Repetition app

GitHub | Android

TubeCards is a spaced-repetition flashcard app that uses the power of YouTube to help you learn. It is easy to use and efficiently helps you remember information.

You can create your own cards or use ones made by others in the community. There is also an AI-based learning algorithm that tailors the content to better suit your needs. You can use it on all major platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, and the web.

The best part about TubeCards is that you can learn without even needing to register! You can simply test the app and see how you like it before signing up for anything. On top of that, it’s available on all your devices so you can study on the go or at home.

You can use it to learn anything from a new language to history, to math. What makes TubeCards different from other apps is its marketplace function which lets you share your flashcards for free and learn ready-made flashcards from others.

Another great feature is its AI-based learning algorithm that adjusts to your learning behavior. Lastly, it has an import/export function so you can import and export your flashcards to other apps, a track progress function so you can track your learning progress, and a read-aloud function so you can learn the pronunciation.

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