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CazuApp is a free, open-source software project built with Flutter, making it compatible with iOS and Android platforms. It's essentially a toolkit full of delivery-related features that allow developers to craft unique applications.



CazuApp is a foundation, offering core components for assembling a sophisticated delivery application. Developers gain complete control over the technical aspects and operational logic of their app, ensuring flexibility for customization. This toolkit is designed to support both Android and iOS platforms.

Here's what you need to get started with CazuApp:

  • Node.js and Flutter Knowledge: It's crucial to have a good grasp of Node.js and Flutter. Node.js serves as the backend framework, while Flutter is used for developing the user interface.
  • Express.js Framework Experience: Since CazuApp is built using Express.js, familiarity with this framework is beneficial.
  • Database Knowledge: CazuApp is compatible with popular SQL databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite, allowing you to pick the most suitable one for your project.
  • Redis for Data Management: Knowing how to use Redis for caching and data handling tasks will be advantageous.
  • Flutter: Download and install Flutter from its official website to start building your app.
  • Code Editor: A code editor like Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is recommended for an efficient coding experience.

Design principles behind CazuApp:

  • Simplicity and Learnability: CazuApp's API is straightforward, making it easy to learn and use. It emphasizes clarity, allowing you to accomplish tasks with minimal code.
  • User-Friendly Design: The project structure is intuitive, simplifying the process of adding new features or navigating through the project.
  • Structured Architecture: The architecture is well-planned and abstracted, ensuring a clear division of different components for better modularity.
  • Smart Defaults CazuApp comes with pre-configured optimizations for performance but also offers the flexibility to tweak settings as needed.
  • No Binding Commitments: There are no rigid commitments. You're free to develop plugins, adjust styles, and add components as you wish. While the default setup is optimized, you have the freedom to make broader design and functionality choices.
  • Transparency and Understanding: There's a strong focus on explaining how CazuApp works, providing you with a thorough understanding to use it effectively and efficiently.

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