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sCent Money

sCent provides powerful insights into users' money behavior, helping them make small adjustments for a better financial relationship. The app is designed to adapt to various lifestyles, whether used individually, as a couple, or in groups.

Scent Money
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Key Features of sCent:

  • 3 Layers of Data: Organize spending with categories, subcategories, and hashtags for versatile data management and visualization.

    • Categories: Broad categorization to break down spending intuitively.
    • Subcategories: Dive deeper into your spending.
    • Hashtags: Group spending across categories and subcategories for a more nuanced view.
  • Visualization: Multiple ways to visualize your spending.

  • Customizable Templates: Start tracking with a fully customizable template.

  • Cloud Support: Data is backed up from day one.

  • Data Export: Export your data at any time.

Premium Features:

  • Unlimited Books and Transactions: Track as much as you need.
  • Multiple Currencies: Create books in different currencies.
  • Ad-Free Experience: Enjoy the app without ads.

Upcoming Features:

  • Import Historical Data: Bring in your past data.
  • Budget Setting and Tracking: Manage your budget more effectively.
  • Improved Visualizations: Enhanced ways to view your spending.

Upcoming Premium Features:

  • Recurring Expenses: Automate recurring expenses.
  • Duplicate Expense Creation: Easily create duplicate entries.
  • Time Period Comparison: Compare expenses across different periods.
  • Custom Exchange Rates: Set your own exchange rates.
  • Themes: Personalize the app with different themes.

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