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Our website showcases the best apps built with Flutter and help developers get started with building their own. From games, to productivity tools, to social media platforms, there are so many ways you can use Flutter!

We want to show the world what can be accomplished by developers in record time using this new framework. You can see how they use Flutter to make beautiful apps and explore what kind of tools, boilerplate codes are available for you to do the same!

If you know a good app made with Flutter, please help us by submit it here.

Apps Built with Flutter


Taskez UI Kit is the perfect resource for building your next productive app. With so many widgets to choose from, ...
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The devoper also wanted to make his own API and implement Database Storage and File Storage for this app and ...
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Parissi – Events and activities in Paris

Parissi lets you find the perfect event without spending too much time! Explore events by category to get notified when ...
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Fedi for Pleroma and Mastodon

FEDI for Pleroma and Mastodon is a beautiful, lightweight app. With Fedi you can manage your Mastodon and Pleroma instances, ...
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Fatima Prayers

Pope Benedict pleaded for peace during WWI, and finally in May of 1917 he made a direct appeal to the ...
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Minimalistic Push

This Flutter app for iOS and Android let's you track your push-up sessions. Noticeaby, the background changes based on the ...
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Hamilton is the the official app which allows fans to access to Hamilton: An American Musical and everything about it ...
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Flutter Note gives you access to notes anywhere, even if your phone is dead or not connected. With an account, ...
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Fanga is a complete manga reading experience for Android and iOS, with free manga downloads made easy. Let your imagination ...
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CryptoGraph is the app to have if you want to track your crypto coin portfolio, trends, and prices with ease ...
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Reflectly is an application that helps you with your mental health. You can write down your feelings, like if you ...
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KlasterMe is a social network app that brings great creators, bloggers and photographers together. KlasterMe is all about connecting people ...
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Food Store UI

This Food Store UI contains 2 screens: Home and Detail. In Home screen there will be items grid and category ...
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Hakyuu Puzzle

Ripple Effect Puzzle is a free game. It tests your math and logic. If you like Sudoku puzzles, you will ...
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Xtrike is a tower defense, castle attack type of game. You can buy and deploy airship, tanks, cars to attack ...
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Pool Ball – Classic

The objective of a 8 ball game is to get all the balls in stripes or solids, before your opponent ...
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Darkness Dungeon

This is a demo for Bonfire package, a RPG maker made with Flame. Bonfire can be used to make action ...
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Break Guns Using Gems!

In BGUG, a tiny robot needs to go through the obstacles and collect gems. You are in control of the ...
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Dino Run

Dino Run is an endless side scrolling game where you play as a cute little dino. All you need do ...
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Ghost Rigger

The developers created a prototype for a cyberpunk-inspired puzzle game using Flutter and Flame. They imagined how players might immerse ...
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Bob Box

You control Bob, a simple guy who enjoys bouncing from one side to another on his little world. But dangers ...
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Spacescape is a 2D top-down space shooter written in Dart using Flutter and the awesome Flame engine to create an ...
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Chromicle’s Flutter UI/UX Examples

Quit wasting time on designing UI widgets and download these awesome Flutter UI design templates immediately. You'll be able to ...
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acelords’s flutter-starter-kit

​Acelords’s Flutter Starter Kit is the perfect way to get started building your own beautiful and functional applications. BLoC Pattern? ...
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